What is our Financial Planning Process?

Our aim is to make the process of developing a sound financial plan as simple and streamlined as possible. We break the process down into the 5 steps outlined below.

1. Engage

talk about your goals and objectives and what you hope to achieve

The first meeting is the most important part of the process. In order for us to be able to provide you with advice that helps you achieve your ideal future we first need to speak openly about what that future looks like. It might be a retirement nest egg, protecting your assets through insurance or perhaps an education fund for the kids.

During the initial meeting you will be required to provide us with information on your current financial position which could include details of assets, liabilities, super funds, insurance policies and anything else that is relevant.

2. Assess

look at your current financial position and identify potential strategies

Analysis of your current financial position is vital if we are to develop appropriate strategies. We will talk openly about the likelihood of you achieving your goals and discuss the potential sacrifices you need to make.

3. Prepare

develop a plan designed to help you reach your goals

Once we have agreed on a set of achievable goals and put a framework of strategies around those goals we will go ahead and put our advice in writing in the form of a Statement of Advice. This document is your personal financial plan which will form your financial framework going forward.

4. Implement

work together to implement the strategies agreed upon

At this point we will help you to implement the agreed strategies and set up any recommended products including investment accounts, insurance policies and possibly consolidate your superannuation. Implementation is crucial in setting you on your path to your ideal financial future.

5. Review

ensure your plan continues to suit your ever-changing circumstances

As you move through the different phases of life your financial goals and priorities will change. A new baby or maybe the kids have grown up and are moving out of home. Your financial plan will need to move with the times and be adjusted along the way. As Financial Planners we believe our real value comes from an ongoing relationship where we act as a sounding board to help you navigate the different life stages.

In order to get the most out of steps 1 & 2 we do recommend that you bring as much financial information to the initial meeting as you can. This can include, but is not limited to, superannuation statements, life insurance policy schedules, current loan balances, details of any shareholdings and investment properties.