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In Australia, Financial Advisers need to either hold their own Australia Financial Services License (“AFSL”) or be an Authorised Representative of and AFSL holder. At FIA Financial Planning we have chosen to be Authorised Representatives of Wealth IQ Group Pty Ltd.

The use of Us, Our or We throughout these terms and conditions refer to:

FIA Financial Planning ABN 91 126 633 565 / ARN 316 142
Registered Office: Level 2, 208 Greenhill Rd, Eastwood SA 5063


Wealth IQ Group Pty Ltd, ABN 45 644 154 914 / AFSL 527 880
Registered Office: 8/435 Fullarton Rd, Highgate SA 5063


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Privacy Commitment

The financial planning process requires us to hold a large amount of personal information, information that we do not release unless client authorisation to do so is granted. To give further peace of mind to our clients we adhere to Wealth IQ Group’s Privacy Policy which covers the following:

• What information is collected and why we collect it
• How we collect personal information
• Whether you are obliged to provide information we request
• How we use your personal information
• In what circumstances we disclose your information to 3rd parties

You can read the full Privacy Policy here.